Venerus sarà ospite di Loredena Bertè al Festival di Sanremo

Venerus will be Loredena Bertè's guest at the Sanremo Festival

Flash news from Sanremo! This morning the host of the Amadeus Festival - in connection with Fiorello on Viva Rai2! - officially confirmed the duets of the cover evening: Venerus will be guest of Loredana Bertè, who shared the official announcement on her social networks.

"For years I have dreamed of bringing “Ragazzo mio” to the duet evening. Firstly to pay homage to the great Tenco and then to bring back to the stage that version that Maestro Ivano Fossati created for me in '84.

As my travel companion I chose a 360° talented and brilliant singer-songwriter and artist: Venerus. And he knows a lot about travel. 🌈
Get ready, see you at Sanremo2024" ( Loredana Bertè via instagram )

We can't wait to see them together on stage.

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