In Tour con Venerus: la nuova collezione in anteprima alle date invernali

On Tour with Venerus: the new collection previewed at the winter dates

This weekend Venerus inaugurated his first Club Tour , with a splendid sold-out at the New Age in Treviso, which will continue until December for a total of fifteen dates that will see him on stage with his magic band around Italy .

What to expect from this tour? A journey through time from the beginning of his career to his latest album "Il Segreto", or to put it with Venerus:
«'18-'23 are the coordinates of the journey from I Don't Know You to Il Segreto. This tour is a moment of contemplation to look each other in the eyes and retrace everything that has happened from the beginning until now and perhaps peek into the near future..."

You can check out the full list of dates below and peek backstage in the meantime.

03.11 • TREVISO • New Age Club
04.11 • FLORENCE • Viper Theatre
10.11 • LIVORNO • The Cage Theatre
11.11 • SENIGALLIA • Mamamia
13.11 • BOLOGNA • Estragon Club
14.11 • ROME • Orion Arena
16.11 • NAPLES • Duel Club
18.11 • BARI • Demodé
24.11 • BRESCIA • Lattepiú Live
25.11 • PERUGIA • Urban Club
30.11 • TURIN • Hiroshima Mon Amour [SOLD OUT]
01.12 • TURIN • Hiroshima Mon Amour
02.12 • CESENA • Vidia Club
04.12 • MILAN • Fabrique

For the occasion, the artist presented the new merch dedicated to the Tour, which will be available exclusively on the dates but which you can already peek at on our website (and save in your wishlist).

Venerus Spray Hoodie Front
Venerus Spray Hoodie Back
Venerus Dreamliner t shirt
Venerus Club Tour T-shirt Date
Venerus Club Tour T-shirt Front
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