Il nuovo TOUR di VENERUS è un viaggio nel tempo

The new VENERUS TOUR is a journey through time

The first news of the year is, as promised, new music... LIVE!

Well yes: we can finally announce the first Venerus CLUB TOUR, in collaboration with Palace Agenzia . A journey through his discography, from his very first songs to his latest album.

«18-'23 are the coordinates of the journey from I Don't Know You to Il Segreto. This tour is a moment of contemplation to look each other in the eyes and retrace everything that has happened from the beginning until now and perhaps peek into the near future... »

The tour will start in November from Treviso, find the complete list of dates below, while tickets are available now on the official website .

ps: before leaving, here is a special playlist to prepare for the trip.

03.11 • TREVISO • New Age Club
04.11 • FLORENCE • Viper Theatre
10.11 • LIVORNO • The Cage Theatre
11.11 • SENIGALLIA • Mamamia
13.11 • BOLOGNA • Estragon Club
14.11 • ROME • Orion Arena
16.11 • NAPLES • Duel Club
18.11 • BARI • Demodé
24.11 • BRESCIA • Lattepiú Live
25.11 • PERUGIA • Urban Club
30.11 • TURIN • Hiroshima Mon Amour
02.12 • CESENA • Vidia Club
04.12 • MILAN • Fabrique

Where will we see you?

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