MEDIOEGO: l'album del ritorno di Inoki compie tre anni

MEDIOEGO: Inoki's comeback album turns three

Today we take a step back in time to January 15, 2021, the release day of MEDIOEGO, INOKI 's first album published by Asian Fake.
Acclaimed as the rapper's comeback album, it contains many collaborations between exceptional producers and featuring, across 18 very dense tracks.

“We went back while we tried to move forward – Inoki said in 2021, explaining the paradoxical historical condition from which he drew inspiration for the album – MEDIOEGO is not just a historical period, but a state of mind, ours. It's the way we exist today. This album doesn't have the solution, how could it? However, try to point out the problem and invite everyone to work together, towards an improvement which I hope is still possible." A message that is more relevant than ever.

Cover by Michele Nannini.

Listen to MEDIOEGO here or run and get one of the last copies in physical format available on our store , on CD and signed red vinyl!

1. UNDERGROUND - prod. Psalm
2. WILDPIRATA (feat. Tedua) - prod. Garelli & Chryverde
3. DUOMO - prod. STABBER
4. MUTI - prod. Chryverde
5. INSPIRAZIONE (feat. Noemi Official) - prod. Chryverde
6. HYPE - prod. Psalm
8. MEDIOEGO - prod. Chryverde
9. FUCKOFF - prod. Chryverde
10. SLAVES - prod. Chris Nolan
11. MANI (feat. Big Mama) - prod. Crookers
12. SILENCE - prod. Sine
13. HONEST - prod. Chryverde
14. TIRED - prod. BigJoe
15. IMMORTALS - prod. Chryverde
16. TREMA - prod. Stabber
17. FLAG - prod. Chryverde
18. NOMAD - prod. Chryverdev

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