Come prenderti cura dei tuoi vinili

How to take care of your vinyl records

It doesn't matter how carefully you keep your records: sooner or later they all get dirty, accumulating dust and small impurities, risking being irreparably ruined. But if you are a collector, we know how much you care about your vinyl records: this is why we have created a short guide with everything you need to know to clean them in the most effective way, take care of them and make them last a long time!

  • First, take your vinyl by handling it carefully, touching it only on the outer edges.
  • Place it on a flat surface (your turntable platter will work fine!)
  • Take a special brush (like the carbon fiber one you find here ) and remove the dust using circular movements.
  • Once this step has been completed, use the Record Cleaner by spraying the liquid on the soft anti-static cloth inside and delicately pass it over the surface of the vinyl.
  • Repeat the same operation on the other side.
  • You're ready to listen to your record!

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