Asian Fake: L’etichetta discografica senza confini

Asian Fake: The record label without borders

[ From ZERO.EU, Interview with Filippo Palazzo] -

Let's perhaps start from the origins of Asian Fake, how was it born and how did you manage to build an image of this type?

"Ciao Zero, Asian Fake was born in 2017 with a very clear project. Simply the idea was not to follow a purely recording process, but to start from music as a universal and accessible language to speak to many neighboring worlds and mix all those expressions artists who - more and more - already communicate with each other. The image of the label is quite powerful because we have chosen very strong colors to tell it and to diversify our line as much as possible compared to the rest. The quite obsessive attention to aesthetics, right from the from the beginning it has been and I believe it remains one of our strengths and research points . Our communication is often managed and designed in an editorial manner, as is done for example in fashion, publishing or in the communication of an exhibition. Nothing has to be ugly or out of place so as not to undermine the artist and the project he is passing." [ KEEP READING ]

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